Hard work pays off.
The Burton Panthers continued their 2022 Cross Country season with a trip to Davidson Creek Park in Caldwell this Saturday.  The Panthers were short handed due to injuries and were not able to compete for team placing, however all the Panthers received medals as individual runners.  Three of the Panthers placed in the top 10:  Hunter Hancock (3rd), Andre Ortiz (8th), and Trinity Pope (10th).

The Lady Panthers fielded eight runners and finished 2nd as a team in the Division 2 race.  All eight of the Lady Panthers received medals and two finished in the top 10:  Peyton Sigsbee (2nd) and Avery Applewhite (9th).  Top 5 finishers for the Lady Panthers, and receiving points were: Peyton Sigsbee, Avery Applewhite, Kara Kaye, Kaylynn Vavrecka, and Samantha Angell.  Three of the Lady Panthers dropped out of the race for several minutes to render first aid to an opposing runner who had passed out from exhaustion.  After transferring the runner to the safety vehicle, the Lady Panthers rejoined the race.

The Panthers resume their season Saturday, September 10th with a race in Lexington at Memorial Park.