Burton Art Winners

The Burton Cotton Gin Art Contest Winners were announced this week.  All student work will be displayed at the Festival, tomorrow, Saturday, April 23, 2022.

12th Grade: 
1st Place Kaben Lunbeck

11th Grade: 
1st Place Crysta Smith 
2nd Place Avery Blakey
3rd Place Kayeli Siggsbee

10th Grade:
1st Place Noelia Casas
2nd Place Tyrone Gilmore
3rd Place Jaden Mertz

9th Grade:
1st Place Reagan Thompson 
2nd Place Isabelle Means

8th Grade: 
1st Place Melanie Wood
2nd Place Nayarith Alvarez
3rd Place De'Angele Nickerson

7th Grade: 
1st Place Mia Odom 
2nd Place Rueben Rodriguez
3rd Place Tyler Witt