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November 29, 2021

What a great week to be a Burton Panther!!!

Welcome back to what I hope was an amazing Thanksgiving/Fall Break for everyone. The time has definitely gone by quickly. Burton ISD is prepared with some energy packed opportunities for student learning as we round out this first semester of the 2021-2022 school year. This week we say goodbye to November and December is upon us. Looking forward to all that is to come for Burton ISD.

Burton ISD has an administrative team and staff that tirelessly commit to provide the best education to our students. We are continuously planning, adjusting, and implementing innovative and creative initiatives. Our leadership team takes the time to identify and address academic standards while supporting the overall learning environment. We appreciate all of those who are involved in our efforts and who work together with us as part of a team to keep Burton ISD moving in a positive direction. 

The Burton ISD educational plan ensures that standards are aligned, age-appropriate experiences for every student every year are put into place, and that the content being presented is built towards developing knowledge and skills needed by students that allow them to contribute back to local and societal expectations. This process helps determine rigorous programs and to develop strategies for filling the gaps in instructional delivery. 

Burton ISD is thankful for active community partnerships that integrate valuable resources into the educational curriculum. Utilizing partners with content expertise, supplemental enrichment and immersive opportunities enhance academic outcomes and give students a well-rounded approach to their learning. School and local community-centered approaches along with a focused communication framework leverages the district’s investment in our students. 

It is the dedication of everyone striving to be a team that will ultimately result in Burton ISD maintaining exemplary status. Thanks to all! 

Lots of great things going on in the upcoming weeks before the end of the semester. Follow all of our activities on the Burton ISD website @, check out our new app, and keep up with the latest happenings on the Burton ISD Facebook page. 


The pride of the Burton Panthers is embedded in all of us whether we are a student, an alumni, a community member, a staff member and employee, a parent, board member and/or a proud supporter and in many cases all of the above. We love our Panthers and like to think that the culture we are providing in educating our students is a reason why parents want their children to attend Burton ISD. We value our school district and always put students first. We are prepared to Dream Big, Sparkle More, and Shine Bright as the Future is Now for the Burton Panthers in 2021!!! Have a blessed week and GO BIG RED!