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November 15, 2021

What a great week to be a Burton Panther!!!

In Texas Association of Community Schools Today Dr. Susan Bohn, Superintendent of Aledo ISD provides some thoughts on LISTENING: Your Leadership Superpower

“There is something inherently special about a good listener. Mastering listening skills where the person speaking gets to share his or her thoughts without being interrupted and with the listener’s undivided attention is a significant skillset. 

Listening makes us better leaders; listening helps us be approachable; listening will help us round out our responses, which, in turn, helps our students and staff reach their full potential. Listening is a powerful tool. 

Without input from others, our solutions are often not the best solutions. Math teachers know more about teaching math than a superintendent who has never taught math. Transportation directors know more about running a bus system than a superintendent who has never run a transportation department. Board members who have lived in the community longer than the superintendent understand how our community will respond to issues. 

It is amazing what we can learn and how much better our organizations can be when our mouths are closed and our ears open.” Becoming a better listener takes time to develop the skill to practice listening and focus on the listener. By using listening skills as an opportunity to learn, have productive conversations and interactions, and grow confidence in the school district we can build a culture of effective communication which is essential to building and maintaining strong, positive relationships. 

This week we will release on Friday for Thanksgiving-Fall Break and will resume school on Monday, November 29, 2021. We all have so much to be thankful for!

Lots of great things going on in the upcoming weeks before the end of the semester. Follow all of our activities on the Burton ISD website @, check out our new app, and keep up with the latest happenings on the Burton ISD Facebook page. 


The pride of the Burton Panthers is embedded in all of us whether we are a student, an alumni, a community member, a staff member and employee, a parent, board member and/or a proud supporter and in many cases all of the above. We love our Panthers and like to think that the culture we are providing in educating our students is a reason why parents want their children to attend Burton ISD. We value our school district and always put students first. We are prepared to Dream Big, Sparkle More, and Shine Bright as the Future is Now for the Burton Panthers in 2021!!! Have a blessed week and GO BIG RED!