Burton Students win Award

This started as a Science class group assignment titled, "Human Effect on the Environment".  These girls began in two groups; Peyton Sigsbee and Daisy Cleboski chose to research and propose a solution to trash and waste in our classrooms.  Avery Applewhite and  Vivian Layman were more focused on bringing recycling back to the community.  As projects ended and these girls forged ahead with determination, Samantha Angell and Madison McCoy-Hood became interested and joined in to help.  These two groups came together and began working outside of class and during lunch to create a recycling program that would educate, get people involved, and actually happen.  They wanted this to be more than a class project.  

They researched the effects of garbage and waste on our immediate area, what had been done, what needed to be done, and what could be done.  The girls set up a meeting with the mayor of Burton, David Zajicek, who came to school and spoke with the girls about the history of recycling in Burton.  He agreed that it was missed, needed again, and was willing to help. The next step was to get the School Board's approval for a recycling program and discuss the costs involved.

BVR Waste and Recycling in Brenham was very helpful with information and offered to provide a collection bin.  The girls had researched prices for classroom and cafeteria bins and were prepared with a start-up total.  

Peyton and Daisy had activities planned to educate and involve the elementary students with presentations, classroom competitions, and sticker prizes.  They even came up with a mascot called "Reggie the Recyclone" to be secretly played by another student. The mascot's costume they planned is a green suit with a tutu and wig.  This, I can't wait to see!

Thanks to these amazing young ladies, Burton ISD will be recycling all paper and plastic starting this 2021-2022 school year.  A Recycling Club, with the help of our BETA Club will handle bin pick ups bi-weekly.  We hope to see this flow into the community as well.

It was so rewarding watching these young ladies work together as they talked about making a difference, reducing waste, changing attitudes,  and improving the health of our planet.

Candilyn McLean, Program Manager of Brazos Valley Council of Governments nominated the girls for an award under the category: Environmental Education and Outreach (Schools).  Awards were presented on September 8, 2021 to Mrs. Vicki Bernet on behalf of the students.