Superintendent's Letter

March 6, 2023

What a great time to be a Burton Panther!!!                     

Welcome to the Burton Independent School District weekly update. Bond Project information will be shared as it pertains to the planning and construction of our new facilities.

Circle H Dirt Work and Excavation continues to move the building project along. Soil Solutions of Texas is in preparation to mobilize the chemical injection process in coordination with DSA Construction Management and Hellas Construction. With the increase in equipment, trucks, and construction traffic, additional security measures will be implemented and fencing will be installed. Please feel free to email any questions to

Supporting Safer Schools and keeping schools safe is always a priority for educators. Schools are required by the legislature to implement safety best practice protocols established by the Texas School Safety Center. School systems perform internal audits to ensure those protocols are being followed. Following recent tragic incidents more steps have been taken. Texas Education Agency (TEA) established minimum school safety standards. TEA and the Texas School Safety Center also began performing third party reviews of school safety protocols to provide an additional layer of support.

On March 1st, confirmation was received from the School Safety Center for the 2022-2023 Emergency Operations Plan Review cycle. Every district in our region to include Burton ISD is officially compliant! This is a HUGE accomplishment and all of the districts in ESC 6 should be commended for being the very first region in the State to accomplish this! Thanks to our staff for their hard work and patience throughout the process. The next review cycle will begin in September!

Please feel free to come visit Burton Independent School District and thank you in advance for taking time to find out more about our schools, our professional staff, our exemplary students, and our excellent academic programs. Burton Schools are a perfect place to get an education that will prepare your child for a bright future. 

There is a tremendous amount of community support that goes into the success of our programs in Burton ISD. We appreciate everyone who helps make a positive impact on our schools. All of us working cooperatively make Burton ISD better together. So proud to be a BURTON PANTHER! 

Lots of great things going on this school year. Follow all of our activities on the Burton ISD website @, check out the Burton ISD app, and keep up with the latest happenings on the Burton ISD Facebook page and other social media venues. 


The pride of the Burton Panthers is embedded in all of us whether we are a student, an alumni, a community member, a staff member and employee, a parent, board member and/or a proud supporter and in many cases all of the above. We love our Panthers and like to think that the culture we are providing in educating our students is a reason why parents want their children to attend Burton ISD. We value our school district and always put students first. For the 2022-2023 school year,  Learning is Our Superpower as we are Building Our Future!!! Have a blessed day! GO BIG RED!!!