Burton Film Team

The Burton Panthers brought home their first ever award from the UIL State Film Festival in Austin yesterday.  

The 10th annual UIL Young FilmMakers' Festival saw over 800 entries from across the state.  This year's contest saw big changes to the format as the traditional 1A - 4A and 5A/6A divisions gave way to new divisions of 1A-3A, 4A, 5A, and 6A.  Each school across the state is permitted to enter up to three films in each of four categories:  Traditional Animation, Digital Animation, Narrative, and Documentary.  Submitted films go through two preliminary rounds, during which, hundreds of films are eliminated from the contest.  Films then advance to the State Semi-Final round to compete for the six coveted spots in each category that will advance to the State Film Festival held at the LBJ Auditorium in Austin on the University of Texas campus.

The seniors of Burton High School submitted a total of nine films to the contest this year:  three each in Traditional Animation, Narrative, and Documentary.  Five of these entirely student produced films advanced to the State Semi-Final round.  One of these films, directed by Senior Brinn Rhodes, was selected for the State Film Festival and placed 5th in the 1A-3A Documentary Category.  

Film sponsor for Burton, Kurt Ramsey was extremely proud of the students' accomplishments.  "This was the third year that Burton has submitted films to the contest, but the first where we advanced beyond the preliminary rounds.  The students put in a tremendous amount of work, much of it outside of school hours.  This is a really special group."

State Semi-Final Qualifiers:

1A-3A Narrative
"Another Statistic" - Brinn Rhodes (director), Bailey Gober, Crysta Smith, Reece Mahlmann, Avery Blakey, McKinnely Chandler, Lorelei Cessna

1A-3A Traditional Animation
"The Race" - Cannon Manley (director), Weston Muske, Tanner Gore, Raylan Parker
"Paper Hearts" - Victoria Wiesepape (director), Liesha Aguilar, Peyton Franklin

1A-3A Documentary

"Yearbook:  Behind the Scenes" - Brinn Rhodes (director), Reece Mahlmann
"Who Cheers for the Cheerleader?" - Kody King (director)

State Qualifiers
5th Place - "Yearbook:  Behind the Scenes" - Brinn Rhodes (director), Reece Mahlmann

Brinn Rhodes - Director - 5th Place Documentary (1A-3A)
Top Row (L-R):  Cannon Manley, Raylan Parker, Kody King, Weston Muske, Tanner Gore
Bottom Row (L-R):  Victoria Wiesepape, Reece Mahlmann, Crysta Smith, Brinn Rhodes, Liesha Aguilar
Not Pictured:  Peyton Franklin, Lorelei Cessna, Avery Blakey, Bailey Gober, McKinnley Chandler